Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Is spanking child abuse Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Is spanking child abuse - Research Paper Example Spanking is the most commonly used form of this technique and can be defined as striking the child’s buttocks with an open hand with sufficient force as to cause pain but not leave any injurious marks or long term harm. This paper will consider the corporal punishment known as spanking and answer whether such punishment is tantamount to child abuse (Brouwer and Knox). The first question to ask in order to establish whether or not there is any link between physical abuse and spanking to begin with is; what exactly is child abuse? Child abuse unfortunately does not have clear criteria which defines and differentiates it from forms of child maltreatment. Often researchers employ the use of surveillance and reporting in order to ascertain whether a child have been abused though there is no clear consensus as to which level of maltreatment constitutes abuse among researchers. Child abuse given its nature may be defined by how differently children may perceive the act according to the age they are at the time. Given the definition just given it can be seen how spanking may be perceived to be child abuse (Whitley, Tajima and Herrenkohl). Child specialists have actually defined the connection between the two to a point where spanking is actually found to be the first step in the road to child abuse (Brouwer and Knox). It must be said that from a humanitarian and moral standpoint children must always be protected from abuse of all types. As an adult it is the duty of both parental authorities and Guardians to establish and maintain the protection of the child from such harmful circumstances. Though the question is asked that even if children must be kept away from abusive practices that may ham their development it must be asked what if there is a need for the use of sub abusive violence. When we define sub abusive violence it can be said

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