Monday, August 26, 2019

Career Decision Making Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Career Decision Making - Essay Example It’s within a holistic paradigm that career counseling must work to aid the individual in resolving their personal relationship conflicts to achieve a more holistic lifestyle, as this will allow them to more clearly advance with their career decision making. In these regards, it’s clear that the theoretical approach most relevant to this case study is Hansen’s integrative life planning approach. According to Hansen’s theory, there is a series of four assumptions that must be incorporated into life planning decisions (Niles, & Harris-Bowlsbey, 2008). Hansen states that one of the central tasks individuals must accomplish is, â€Å"weaving our lives into a meaningful whole† (Hansen, as cited in Niles, & Harris-Bowlsbey, pg. 85). In these regards, it’s clear that Hansen’s integrative life planning approach considers not simply one’s direct choice in deciding on one career over another but also posits that any substantial life decis ion must be made in terms of the holistic effect it has on all aspects of the individual’s life. Hansen also indicates that an individual must consider their career goals in terms of life purpose and spirituality. When examining Douglas’ decision-making dilemma it’s clear that social aspects have hindered his ability to progress with his career decisions. In examining Douglas’ dilemma it seems clear that in deciding on one career choice will have a tremendous effect on another aspect of his life, namely the relationship with his parents. I think a highly relevant and notable point of discussion was when the counselor framed the career discussion in terms of the client’s siblings. While it’s clear that the client had been strongly influenced by his parents’ work ethic, working a series of jobs and seemingly having a very career-centric life, the emphasis on her siblings’ decisions contributes greatly to decisions that he might make in terms of career advancement, or purpose and meaning.

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