Sunday, August 25, 2019

Fictional story Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Fictional story - Essay Example Since he looked hopeless and pathetic, the Holmes were happy that he could help them with some homework. They hoped to keep him so that they could also send him for errands and leave them at home looking after the kids. â€Å"How much will you be paying me for the responsibilities?† asked John, â€Å"we do not have to pay you, that will compensate for the accommodation and food that we will be giving you.† Upon hearing this, John was annoyed. He started complaining and even almost insulted the Holmes for their lack of concern for him. It took the intervention of Julieta, a woman who personally knew John in the village. Since he had no other place to go, he had to accept the deal with the Holmes. Life at the Holmes was a bit challenging. He was forced to wake up early and slept late. Although he did not spend not even a cent of his savings, he did not earn anything except food and accommodation benefit. This infuriated John and made him confront the Holmes on the second day, â€Å"This is too unfair! I have to leave you alone with your pathetic offers.† John had started imagining that everything would work out well for him and that he no longer needed Holmes’ help. He even accused the Holmes of misusing him and vowed to sue them by the end of the week. This is despite the fact that he had personally agreed to the initial deal of staying with them and doing what the family does for no pay. Outside the Holmes, life was not as he had expected. It reminded him of his school days when he solely depended on his peers. When he was in class five, he had entered into a peer gang that taught him many ‘skills’ including what he referred to as ‘taking what others had misplaced.’ The only thing that kept John away from stealing is the memory of his late father who had died while John was twelve. John had not seen his father since birth and only spent three months with him before his death. As his mother had earlier narrated to

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