Friday, August 9, 2019

Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 8

Culture - Essay Example Organisational culture is defined as those shared behaviour patterns that individuals demonstrate consistently within a firm as they undertake their respective roles (Mullins 2011: 88). For example, holding weekly staff meeting can be a culture that distinguishes organisation A from organisation B. Values, norms as well as traditions are also shared in companies that have identifiable cultures. It is worth noting that the strength or intensity of the culture may vary from one organisation to another. This paper will seek to address comprehensively the concept of organisational culture and determine some of the advantages strong organisational cultures bring to companies. The essay begins by tracing the development of organisational culture before embarking on evaluating the many benefits of strong cultures within the firm. A question that may perplex someone is how the culture is set and absorbed by members within the organisation. As a matter of fact, the deepest root off organisational culture is extended to the founders. It is the company’s vision and mission as well as the core values that they pioneer the organisation with that forms the foundation of the firm’s culture. Initially the founders identify some of the values that should be fundamental to the operations of the organisation they form. They then hire and recruit person (managers) who share the same values and perceptions with them. In cases where the founders do not find exactly people who do not have the same perception, they may convince and assimilate them into accepting their culture. Through their actions and the behaviour they exhibit, the pioneers indoctrinate the worker to accept their values and perceptions. For example, if the organisation is founded on strong Christian principles, the behaviours and expressions of the founders that portray Christian values will be transferred to and absorbed by the workers (Robbins & Judge

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